Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Mourn I today
The death of a dream:
Being cremated
On Reality’s pyre,
Engulfed with fury
By cruel Fate’s fire;
Stinging my eyes,
Singeing my soul,
And as I stand looking
At the ashes grey,
I feel so light-
I am emptied of Life.


Shravan said...

good one jinju.. but i feel as if a pessimist did this post.. anyways, i liked it, and the words, :D i admire you for them.

Jinju said...

Hmmm...yea i can be a pessimimist at times :D Thnx 4 ur feedback shravan

KParthasarathi said...

The death of the dream and its cremation left me sad.I admire your adept play of the words

Veda said...

sadness, loneliness personified.

susan harris said...

Could you stop labelling other poems under "adolescent love poems"? It's a terrible, terrible classification.

Shravan said...

hi jinju
you are awarded at the obnoxious mind, and i hope that you accept it. here is the link :

et said...

Short and sweet poem. And the last two lines had a great feel..
And btw, my 1st comment on this blog :)

humdinger said...

the poem,well is ok,the thought is awkward! too straightforward,but still manages to amuse one!

hmmmm,as if you wrote it on not toppin in class last term ;-)

carry on.Jinju

Jinju said...

@ KP and veda: thanx 4 ur comments...do keep dropping in

@ susan: the adolescent love poem series is over...that was a valentine's day special...had mentioned it at d beginning of d series. nd well, dey r all love poems and dey were written wen i was a crazy adolescent...hence d name...as simple as that! :D

@et: Hi!!! thank u 4 d kind words and a bigger thank u 4 stopping by... do keep visiting :)

@humdinger: thanx 4 dropping in... :) i find it amusing that u found d poem amusing of all things!nd no, i wud never write such a poem on not topping my class :P abt d poem bein str84wd, well, rmmbr, dis blog is all str8 frm d heart!! Hoping to c more comments frm u... cheers!