Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love Came Knocking (LP 5)

Love came knocking at my door,
But I was too fast asleep;
Asleep and dreaming
Of princes on white steeds,
And lovers on lily beds.

Oh! Hear I did not
That nervous little knock,
Trembling with unsaid words,
Unsaid dreams...and unsaid love.

I was searching the skies
For the rainbow of love,
But I failed to see
The forlorn cloud nearby,
Heaving with unrained love.

Danced I in the wind and waited
With the nectar of my love;
Not knowing the bee that hovered
Day and night near me,
Would not alight, only out of fright
My petals his clumsy
Black limbs would hurt.

Through moonless nights
And sunless days,
In the riot of spring
And winter’s deathly white,
The bee was ever by my side.

Oh! Love was knocking at my door,
But I could not hear the feeble sound;
The garish bird-song filled my ear,
Love’s true call I could not hear;
Nor my heartbeats sobbing loud
For a love so near...but I was blind.

And then one day, come the bee did not-
My life with loneliness was fraught;
Blush my cheek sunshine’s kiss could not,
Nor make me laugh the tickly breeze;
Revelation flashed, remorse did boom,
And I knew as sorrow rained,
The bee’s drone it was
That made me bloom....

Yes, love came knocking at my door,
But I was too fast asleep.


thetvquiz said...

worry no more u may
for your love is on the way..

Jinju said...

ha ha...glad u dropped in keep visiting :)

Ayesha Parveen said...

A beautiful love poem. Thanks :)

Jinju said...

so happy u liked it ayesha! :)

dark nymph said...

adolescent love poems?come on...these are more that that...btw not the first time i'm saying this....i like your blog...