Saturday, February 14, 2009

First Rain (LP 6)

It’s the first rain
At the end of a summer
Of dry passions
And dreary deadness;
Of stifling heat
That sapped my strength,
A long dry spell
That seemed to never end.

I walked on and on
In the scorching sun,
My sweat mingling
With bitter tears.

I tried to lull myself to believe
That this is Life-
These lurid colours
That distract but never soothe,
This riotous clamour
And hollow laughter,
These gleeful sighs
And woeful smiles;
This torrid season
Of dust and lust.

But that was until
Rain clouds gathered
On my heart’s horizon,
Destiny thundered,
And it began to rain...

Oh! Such coolness, such silky wetness,
Such earthy fragrance
Like never before...
My wounds all healed
In the divine downpour,
That washed off my spirit
The dust of doubt;
Dreams sprouted again
In my barren life,
Wilted flowers blossomed
When touched by the rain;
It cooled the charred
Embers of the past,
And today I know
What peace is at last.

I drench myself again and again,
My thirst insatiable;
It’s my first love after all,
The first rain
On my parched soul.

P.S: With this, I conclude my Adolescent Love Poem series. Wishing you all a very happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy! :)


Ayesha Parveen said...

Hi Jinju!

This is really beautiful. You have excellently brought out the symbolic image of rain in this poem. I am following your blog from now.

Best wishes.


Jinju said...

Hi ayesha...glad to meet u.thank u 4 ur appreciation and thank u for dropping in.hope u wil keep visiting. so long!