Thursday, October 22, 2009


Not long ago was the earth
An abode beauteous,
Carpeted by the velvet green,
Roofed by the halcyon blue;
And ribboned by babbling brooks
Of a metallic sheen.

Gnarled giants stood patient guard-
Wizened gentleness cast in
Frames stout and hard,
Peering at the cheerful white clouds
Scurrying across the azure above.

The giants laughed at the pranks
Of the frolicking streams,
As they wound by their knotty feet
On their journey to the lushest leas.

The clouds loved the leafy fragrance
Of the canopies that stroked them,
And at times, their woes they wept out
Against the loving brown bosoms.
Confided the winds in these soothing giants
And left with souls purged
Of the burning angst.

Birds perched on the giants’ arms
And sang to them mellifluous strains,
While the giants smiled and swayed
In rhythmic beat, their emerald heads.

But invaded into this paradise
The ruthless villain Man-
With hard glittering eyes
Full of avarice and lies,
Carrying razor-like smiles,
And something shiny besides.

The cold metal glistened in the sun,
Held in Man’s brutal clasp;
With stony swipes they fell
On the bewildered hapless giants,
Whose limbs they hacked,
Whose hearts they pierced,
And left lying dead
In a pool of betrayed blood.

The whole land went into mourning
Of their beloved giants;
The velvet carpets tore and smudged,
The halcyon blue paled into ugly grey.
No more did the birds sing,
No more did the winds sigh,
No more did the brooks laugh,
No more did the clouds cry,
No more, no more....

And where once resounded
The lovely dance beats of life,
Echoed the sinister silence of death,
Sharpened by metallic silver blades.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Each shimmering star,
A soul shivering
In the loveless cold-
Broken hearts scattered
Across a murky blue reality,
Trembling with untold grief
Amidst the unknowing,
Unfeeling, steady moonshine.