Thursday, October 9, 2008

How Far?

How far, I asked,
A stranger on the road,
From Love to Hate,
From a smile to tears.

Not much, replied
The helpful man,
Pointing the way:
Just go five steps straight,
Past a careless word or two,
A thoughtless deed-
And you reach where you want.

Old is Gold

Yesterday, while rummaging
Through Memory’s dark attic,
I came across an old love-
Dusty, sooty, grubby…and old.

But when with weary heart
And trembling hands,
I brushed the cobwebs away;
Wiped off the smudge
Of wasted years and tears,
I found it still shining,
Splendid as ever before-
Old indeed is gold.

Broken Wings

Beckons my dreams
The endless blue,
But I cannot fly
With these broken wings;
And though the wind sings
Of the days I flew,
And through the clouds
The empyrean woos…
I cannot fly-
I can only rue,
The day I let
My wings be clipped.