Monday, March 28, 2011

On the Ferris Wheel

We rise higher and higher,
Green canopies ramble
beneath us;
Wet petals sleep on rainy sidewalks-
Windblown lilac dreams gently
heaving with teary sighs.
Bright lights, bright awnings,
Bright nameless faces
Peer up at us.
City lights of sleepless nights,
An unknowing faraway glimmer,
Unfeeling, like the blinking stars overhead.

Up and down, up and down,
Faster and faster, we move,
Slicing through the dark,
Brushing past branches,
The cool air rushing into
the vortex of my being-
A vortex that sucks in
You, Me and everything else.

We move in circles, so does life....
Or does it? Some points of beginning
can never be returned to,
Some trajectories, once distorted,
can never be retraced.
Some paths, once lost,
are lost forever;
You see, some circles are never finished.

Some things are just not meant to be:
Some things like You and Me.

Home lies somewhere there,
Home sweet home, shrouded with innocence,
Somewhere there, at an unreachable distance.

We swing up, and swoop down
Like eagles to prey on
Life, that crawls along below;
And that's all that's meant to be,
as we step out, laughing-
God knows why....