Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Try at Translation

The song 'Ithaloornnu veena panineer dalangal', from the classic Blessy film 'Thanmathra' (released in 2005) that tells the poignant tale of an Alzheimer's patient,  is one of the most beautiful Malayalam songs I ever heard. I am struck by its sheer poetry every time I listen to it. Hats off to Kaithapram mash for the amazing lyrics. Given below is my humble attempt at translating the song. Hope all of its beauty is not 'lost in translation'. :)

Like fallen rose petals joining back together
And humming in tune,
The fair moon blooms in my palm like a flower,
A new song arises from these tear-drained silences.

Even the sun that everyday comes
To reign during the day
Descends the steps at midnight
And vanishes.

Don't cry, my beloved,
Don't shed tears,
The sun will come again
At dawn to this sky.

Arms of the wet darkness
Full of lightning bangles,
Rain drops casting pearls on the lotus leaf;
Just a second to remember,
An age to cherish in the heart.

Even this memory's a celebration
Life's a song.