Wednesday, February 11, 2009

To Kill a Butterfly

[Dedicated to the victims of child sexual abuse]

These tiny wings so delicate,
Splashed with colours bright
That speak of faith untarnished,
And zest unbridled, for life
And its zillion mysteries,
For the wonders of the world around.

In wondrous rapture she drinks
The new sights and tastes;
She flits from bud to leaf,
From blossom to bower green…
Just come into the light,
She’s all trusting curiosity;
She knows not of the night or fright,
And is unalloyed felicity,
Unaware of the serpent that
Beneath every rose lies.

She sees not the cat
That creeps up from behind;
And pounces on her with a cry,
That many years apart,
Will still chill her heart.
She writhes in confused terror,
As she is mauled
By those cruel claws-
She hadn’t known of evil,
Or the world’s myriad flaws.

The villain walks away,
Leaving her worse than dead…
The tiny wings are broken,
She’ll never fly again;
Never again will she know
Joy free from fear.
The vivid hues all
Forever have faded-
Marking the sudden death
Of fragile innocence.


Shravan said...

now thats a master piece jinju, and the lines, simple at its best.. made a good read and its awesome.. thats the only word i could find.

Jinju said...

Shravan, thnk uuuu...cant express hw mch dese words of urs mean 2 me! :)

susan harris said...

butterfly is too commonly compared to children, why not dragonfly or fruitfly? :) like d title again!

Jinju said...

Wah! Typical susanish originality! :)Wel its 4 d simple reason susan dat dragonfly nd fruitfly rnt as cute as a butterfly....which wil prbbly mk u ask "and y shud children always b represented as cute?" m afraid i hvnt got a satisfactory answr 4 dat ryt nw...!