Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fireflies at Night

Fairylights strung
on the night
on invisible wires,
Softly flaming winking fires.

Stars fallen from the sky,
yellow and ripe;
Entangled in black leaves
on black boughs.

A glittering crown
adorning the night's frown.


KParthasarathi said...

A scintillating poem adorning the black template of the blog!!!

Ayesha Parveen said...

So sweet :)
Have a great time, Jinju.

DuDo said...

Nice poem jinju :) i remember the song fireflies from the band owlcity

btw the DuDo about me page is nw updated :)

Jinju said...

Thank you gramps, ayesha and dudo for ur appreciation :)

Sourcebound said...

10 lines made up of 34 words arranged in a way that makes the heart rejoice at the wonder of it all.

Well written. Has a rhythm and comparing the fire flies to stars would have sounded far fetched if it wasn't for the following three beautiful lines.

The last two lines might be a result of your obsession with night (which is quite understandable) But for me fireflies are always a beacon of defiance.

"A glittering statement
against the will of darkness"

Jinju said...
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Jinju said...

Hi sourcebound! thanx 4 dropping by... and a bigger thnx 4 d keen observation...thnx a lot.... hope to c u here again.. tc :)