Thursday, August 5, 2010


The night speaks
In a thousand tongues
I cannot discern,
Rising above the cries of the crickets-
Midnight's minstrels.
Pale blue melting around
Feathery canopies reaching
For a trembling dawn.
Muted roars pulsating
In the night breeze
Charged with the cold
And peacock squawks.
And the swarthy goddess
Lets down her hair
And dances in a frenzy,
Punctuated with laughter
In a tongue I recognize-
Cold, hard, mirthless mockery.

P.S. : Before you get bothered, let me assure you- yes, I did mean peacock squawks.The Hyderabad Central University campus (where I am presently)  abounds with peacocks. Peacock cries also function as the rooster's "clarion call" here! And if you have been reading my blog regularly (fat chance there, I know! :D), you will already be aware of my fixation with everything about the night. One of the best things about HCU, I feel, is that it's safe to roam about within the vast (2800 acres) campus even late at night. This poem seeped into my mind on a solitary late night ride back to my hostel from the library. And this also happens to be my first post after landing in HCU. Life is quite hectic here (and fun too), but I'll try to find the time to update this space regularly and visit ur blogs too. Hope you are all doing fine. Take care. C ya! :)


LIPIN RAM said...

congrats comrade...u've broken the writer's block!!

Jinju said...

but i was not going thru a writer's block! :o

NEEYA ............ said...

Excellent Jinju chechi...
Hope we'l have a literary treat from the Hyderabad campus...

Hope u're enjoying there:)

Jinju said...

@neeya: thanx a lot molu....will try to keep updating...well, its a spate of seminars, assignments and tests over here nw...but yea, doing good, i guess... :) hope u r also doin cr...

sanju -The king!!! said...

the only you are able to distinguish is the cold hard mirthless mockery of swarthy goddess and in PS u mentioned it as the best thing in HCU?? .......interesting !!!

Jinju said...

@ sanjeev: Hi...thnx 4 dropping by :)

actually, i mentioned that the best thing is dat u can safely roam about in the vast campus even at night. this poem is about only one aspect of my night wanderings... there are definitely pleasant sides too to it, which i have not chosen to include here... bcoz dis poem emanated from a particular state of mind and speaks only abt my peceptions in dat phase.

hope u wil keep visting...and coommenting. tk cr :)