Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Lament

You tell me not to mourn
The passing of the morn;
That brighter dawns
Of brighter morrows
Hover in the east,
That similar gilted sunshine
Still shall streak my life.

Oh, can't you see,
I cry for these moments
That slip from my hands
Like grains of sand,
The harder I try to hold on,
Not because I don't know
The shores still stretch on;
Not because I fear
There shall no more be light.

It's just that I know
The sunshine shall never again be the same-
You are wrong there-
It may be brighter
Or duskier,
But it can never ever be the same.

The cadences of our laughter,
The notes of our song,
Shall never be the very same;
No, the sunshine shall never
Be just this bright again.

And that's why I ache
As these moments march fast
To the twilit past-
Memories that fade like the hues of sunset.
That's why I wish,
Futile though it be,
To slow down their procession
To Eternal Nothingness;
Or better still, sprinkle on them stillness.

For, once gone, I know,
They are forever lost-
Irretrievably lost.
Irreplaceably lost.
Because the sunshine shall never
Be just this bright again.


Shravan said...

girl jinju, you know na? i like this, these kind of poems or posts.. i like it when simple words could talk loud loud and louder.. and twin, this post, of all your works, is the most loved one for me, talking into consideration, simplicity, theme, and expression. loved it my dear :-) and keep them coming..

love shravan..

LIPIN RAM said...

comrade,good attempt.needs some editing,though.

Jinju said...

@shravan: thank u :)

@lipin:what kind of editing, comrade? kindly tell me...m open to suggestions

DuDo said...

Gud poem yaar... n no editing business.. its gud as it is k :) Its your thought flow....

Jinju said...

@dudo: thanks a lot for dropping by and for ur feedback. glad u liked it. hope u will kp visiting. c ya :)

Sneha said...

very well written.:)

keep writing.