Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Gul Mohur in Full Bloom

The flaming brilliance
Seeps through my eyes,
Into my soul
And paints it red-
Leaving me entranced.

This sublime splendour
Holding me spellbound
This masterpiece with perfection wound;
Immortality spilled
Onto this mortal world.

Were I to squeeze out
All of my heart's blood,
Blend it with gold,
Drench with a creative flood-
Could I this grandeur
Ever recreate?
Can man this glory
Ever emulate?


DuDo said...

Wow 1st of all i loved many of your poems. Specially the death of innocence... wht a terrific thought flow!!!!

keep writing gal.



the outsider said...

and the ultimate answer will be no! :-) twin i loved this work.. simple and yet it leaves something for me to think :-)

♥ Chocolate Lover ♥ said...

wow! awesome :))
really loved it x))

et said...

The true beauties in nature are never reproduced.. Deeply said.


u don't hav to squeeze out all ur heart's blood. try wetting the blank page with a tiny drop of ur 'ink stained soul' n u'll c how it turns all red! nothing except man's creativity can challenge nature's splendour.

good attempt.all the best.

Jinju said...

@dudo: thanx for stopping by...and a bigger thanx for the appreciation...thanx a lot :) do keep visiting...

@shravan, chocolate lover and et: glad u liked it and found it meaningful. thnk u :)

@lipin : comrade, ur comments always set me thinking...thnx so much! and well, i rly don't think even man's creativity can match nature's splendour. all art is indeed but an imitation of nature. the imitation may be excellent but i doubt if it can ever outshine the original...